My Fifth Laser Hair Removal Session: Upper Arms

I had my fifth laser hair removal treatment in New York City last week and this time I ONLY got my upper arms done. As I wrote in the last blog post, I’ve decided to wait and see how things are looking now, after more than just 12 weeks between treatments and see how my arms and legs turn out. I decided to just have my upper arms done because I’m seeing more new hair growth on my upper arms and I need to stop this and get rid of these hairs for good. So I may go in for a sixth session in 6, 8, or 10 weeks, after I’ve had some time to let the hair grow back and see how dark, thick, and long it turns out to be.

The big news about this treatment is that it may be my last laser hair removal treatment in New York City for some time now. I’m headed back to Florida for the winter so I may end up going back to Dermacare South Beach for my treatments. Although, I’m a little hesitant now after going to Romeo and Julliette and getting great service and having laser techs who know their laser settings. I’m still a little confused as to why Dermacare used such a high millisecond setting during my treatment. I’m extremely happy with Romeo and Juliette after going there three times now.

So how did my fifth laser hair removal session go? It was quick. Just having your upper arms done only takes about 15 minutes. I was in an out of their office in probably 25 minutes. It only ended up costing me $150 too – $900 cheaper than having full legs and full arms done! The laser tech did a great job and we ended up using 18 joules, at 3 milliseconds with a 15mm spot size.

I had a few other things to do in NYC this trip so I didn’t get to go home and take pictures after this session. I still haven’t taken pictures but I will be sure to do so tomorrow and post them along with some more photos of my lower arms and legs, as I’m interested in documenting everything, every week now, to see if things get much hairer or not!

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