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Four Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

It’s been four weeks now and there’s been very little change. That’s a good thing though! I haven’t felt the need to shave my arms or legs, so it’s now been four weeks since I last shaved. It’s such a great feeling! I see short, fine hairs coming in in certain areas, but the hairs are so fine and light that it’s not a problem at all, doesn’t look weird at all, doesn’t itch and I don’t have any desire to shave these areas. I’m seeing some small patches of hair that definitely need to be touched up and thats pretty much it aside from the hairs on my upper arms/shoulders that are starting to come in. Those will definitely need to be taken care of. I’ll be calling Romeo and Juliette in the next few days to schedule my next session. I have a lot of traveling coming up this summer, so I’m hoping I can work these dates in around all that! I want to make sure I go in for my sessions during the right phase of the hair growth process.

It’s crazy that I’ve only done three sessions and have seen such an ENORMOUS improvement. Looking back at how this whole process started and being where I am now is so awesome and it makes me feel so good about the decision to have this done!

I’m trying to take pictures of the small patches of hair that need to be taken care of so cross your fingers that the photos will actually come out good.

Pictures coming soon….