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10.5 Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past 3.5 weeks. I FINALLY got a new digital camera yesterday so the first thing I did was take some pictures of my arms and legs for the site. It’s been 10.5 weeks now and things are looking somewhat consistant. Hair has grown back but it is much thinner on both my arms and legs. I would say my legs have responded the best and overall I’ve probably seen a 75% reduction in hair on my legs! And I think it looks pretty natural as well, which is something I was worried about. I’m really excited about that. I was looking back through some of the “before photos” yesterday and it’s amazing how much less hair I have now! I definitely feel like I’ve done the right thing and I really dislike the old look now.

My upper arms definitely have hairs that need to be taken care of but the hairs are pretty thin. They may be somewhat dark but they’re thin enough that I’m not freaking out over them. (If they were dark and coarse like before I WOULD be freaking out over them.)

So I think I’m going to make an appointment for laser hair removal on my upper arms next week in NYC. This time I’m JUST going to get my upper arms done. I’m pretty satisfied with the results on my legs and lower arms for the time being. If, 24 weeks in, things start to get bad I will setup another appointment! But I think I’m done with my legs for now! The best part is that my legs were running around $700 a session so I’m going to be saving a ton of money now too! My upper arms should only cost around $150-$200 to get done this time. Additionally, this will be the last time I get laser hair removal before I go back to Florida for the winter. So if I go again, I will probably be going back to Dermacare in South Beach, where I went before.

I will keep you updated on things on a weekly basis again, with pictures, now that I have a nice new digital camera. Below are some pictures from from, 10.5 weeks after my 4th laser hair removal session. Click the pictures for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Legs

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Seven Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

It’s been seven weeks since my 4th laser hair removal treatment now and hairs are starting to grow back and become a little darker now, just like what happened around seven weeks after the 3rd treatment. Hairs are definitely looking further apart, meaning that the hair removal process is working and is getting rid of more hairs for good every time! Since it’s only been seven weeks though its still much to early to tell how many hairs are gone for good as some appear to come back around 10+ weeks like last time.

I probably should have gone back last week or this week for another treatment but I’m going to hold off until 12 or so weeks like I did last time so I can see the results thus far. My upper arms are looking good, except for one thin horizontal line that they missed, so I’m not too stressed about going back at this point. All the hairs on my upper arms are very short, light and thin at this point, which is awesome!

My legs really only have a few hairs at all. Everything is still very light, short and thin at this point as well. The two small areas that they skipped (a cut) or missed last time don’t look that bad. I’m really excited about how good my legs look right now! Laser hair removal is turning out to be a worthwhile investment for sure….but it’s still a little early to really be claiming that until I’m 12+ weeks in between sessions.

I just went to try to tak pictures for the site and I think my digital camera is now officially dead. Sorry guys. Guess I need to get a new digicam or borrow someone elses for this week and/or next weeks update!

Five Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’m five weeks in since my last laser hair removal session and I still haven’t shaved! However, I’m thinking about breaking down and shaving my upper arms/shoulders in the next few days or sometime next week. I’ll be heading to LA for a week or so next Thursday and I think my upper arms/shoulders kind of make my arms look sloppy and I’m a little embarrassed about it. So I’ll probably shave it before I go to the beach.

I’m noticing that my hair is starting to come in a little bit now. I’ve had some fine hairs since shedding, but it looks like the hair is just starting to get some color to it now and it’s looking a little darker. I don’t think I’ll need to shave it in the next week or so though unless something changes very quickly.

So, once I get back from LA it should be seven weeks since my last laser hair removal session and I’ll be getting ready to go in for my next session at week number eight! I’m actually really looking forward to this next session so I can try to get this upper arm/shoulder hair taken care of and some of these small spots as well.

How To Find A Laser Hair Removal Center Near You

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

I found some very useful links to help you find a laser hair removal center near you, mainly in the USA, as that’s where I live. The best part about these laser hair removal links is that these are mostly from the manufacturers of the lasers, so if your looking for a laser hair removal center with a certain type of laser, these searches can really help!
– Manufacturers of the GentleLase and GentleMax lasers. – Manufacturers of the Cynosure Elite lasers. – American Society of Dermatological Surgery Procedure Provider Search

My Third Laser Hair Removal Session

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Thursday was my first laser hair removal session in NYC and things went really well. At first, there seemed to be a little confusion, but this was my fault! This was due to the fact that I had basically done a phone consultation with the owner two days before I actually made my appointment for this session. I should have just scheduled the consultation after speaking with the owner so we were all on the same page.

This time they used the GentleLASE Alexandrite laser at 14 joules, 3 milliseconds and either a 15 or 18mm spot size. I’m not sure exactly which spot size was used but I’m guessing it was the 18mm since it looked pretty big. I was a little surprised that they only used 14 joules, but because of the low 3 milliseconds setting along with the larger spot size, it still should have been pretty effective. 3 milliseconds is a lot different than the supposed 25 milliseconds setting at the previous center in Florida…Next time in NYC I will make a push to use a much higher joules setting.

Aside from a different laser, I also noticed that this center didn’t use any clear cooling gel on my skin during the session. They penciled my skin into much smaller areas that were easy to keep track of so they knew what areas were treated. I noticed that my legs hurt more this time, which could be because I forgot to take a couple Tylenol before the session, the different laser or the lack of the clear cooling gel. Because the techs didn’t have to screw around with the clear cooling gel, the session was also much shorter than in Florida. The total time with the laser was probably about an hour where in Florida it was much closer to 2 hours every time.

Also, I noticed that my skin didn’t swell up like it did last time. Last time it swelled up so much that I started to get worried, but this time it didn’t look so bad.

Overall, I definitely recommend this new center! I’ll be posting the names of the centers that I’ve been going to in the next few days, so stay tuned for that! The only issue is that I think both these centers seem to go easy on you the first session, so they see how you react, so if you know how you react, you have to be firm about wanting stronger settings.

Because I was far from home I didn’t get to take photos of my skin until about 8 hours later. Also, I don’t think the pics came out that good, but here they are anyways, in traditional fashion detailing the redness of my skin after. Click the picture for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Session #3 Legs

Laser Hair Removal Session #3 Arms

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