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1 Week After Laser Hair Removal Session #5; 12 Weeks Since Session #4

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

So here are the pictures I promise. You’ll see my upper arms are clearly shaven and freshly treated from last weeks session #5. The rest of my arms and legs haven’t been treated in 12 weeks now!

Click the images for a larger version.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Arms

Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Arms

Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Arms

Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Legs

10.5 Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past 3.5 weeks. I FINALLY got a new digital camera yesterday so the first thing I did was take some pictures of my arms and legs for the site. It’s been 10.5 weeks now and things are looking somewhat consistant. Hair has grown back but it is much thinner on both my arms and legs. I would say my legs have responded the best and overall I’ve probably seen a 75% reduction in hair on my legs! And I think it looks pretty natural as well, which is something I was worried about. I’m really excited about that. I was looking back through some of the “before photos” yesterday and it’s amazing how much less hair I have now! I definitely feel like I’ve done the right thing and I really dislike the old look now.

My upper arms definitely have hairs that need to be taken care of but the hairs are pretty thin. They may be somewhat dark but they’re thin enough that I’m not freaking out over them. (If they were dark and coarse like before I WOULD be freaking out over them.)

So I think I’m going to make an appointment for laser hair removal on my upper arms next week in NYC. This time I’m JUST going to get my upper arms done. I’m pretty satisfied with the results on my legs and lower arms for the time being. If, 24 weeks in, things start to get bad I will setup another appointment! But I think I’m done with my legs for now! The best part is that my legs were running around $700 a session so I’m going to be saving a ton of money now too! My upper arms should only cost around $150-$200 to get done this time. Additionally, this will be the last time I get laser hair removal before I go back to Florida for the winter. So if I go again, I will probably be going back to Dermacare in South Beach, where I went before.

I will keep you updated on things on a weekly basis again, with pictures, now that I have a nice new digital camera. Below are some pictures from from, 10.5 weeks after my 4th laser hair removal session. Click the pictures for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Legs

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Seven Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

It’s been seven weeks since my 4th laser hair removal treatment now and hairs are starting to grow back and become a little darker now, just like what happened around seven weeks after the 3rd treatment. Hairs are definitely looking further apart, meaning that the hair removal process is working and is getting rid of more hairs for good every time! Since it’s only been seven weeks though its still much to early to tell how many hairs are gone for good as some appear to come back around 10+ weeks like last time.

I probably should have gone back last week or this week for another treatment but I’m going to hold off until 12 or so weeks like I did last time so I can see the results thus far. My upper arms are looking good, except for one thin horizontal line that they missed, so I’m not too stressed about going back at this point. All the hairs on my upper arms are very short, light and thin at this point, which is awesome!

My legs really only have a few hairs at all. Everything is still very light, short and thin at this point as well. The two small areas that they skipped (a cut) or missed last time don’t look that bad. I’m really excited about how good my legs look right now! Laser hair removal is turning out to be a worthwhile investment for sure….but it’s still a little early to really be claiming that until I’m 12+ weeks in between sessions.

I just went to try to tak pictures for the site and I think my digital camera is now officially dead. Sorry guys. Guess I need to get a new digicam or borrow someone elses for this week and/or next weeks update!

Five Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Monday, September 1st, 2008

There hasn’t been much to write about in the past few weeks so excuse the lack of updates and pictures. I’m still waiting for my arm and leg hair to start growing back. I can see very, very fine, very light hairs coming in but that’s it. It’d be almost impossible for me to take detailed pictures of them. So that’s about it for this week. When there is some progress and some hair regrowth I’ll be sure to start posting regularly again! I’ll also be making my 5th laser hair removal appointment once there’s some regrowth.

Until then, why not have a look through the archives going all the way back to February when I started my laser hair removal story?!

Help Me Get The Word Out

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I’m asking for your help in getting the word out about My Laser Hair Removal Story! How can you help? Simple! Bookmark the site, mention it on a forum, send it to a friend, family member or colleague if you feel comfortable doing so or just link to us from your site, blog or blog comment! Also, I love seeing blog comments, and it helps to get other users to interact and join in the discussion.

The more and more people I see visiting our site the happier I get about doing this blog. I want to help inform as many people as possible and with your help, I can succeed. Thanks!

Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

So, it’s been two weeks now since laser hair removal treatment #4 and I’m in Las Vegas where it’s hot enough to breed sheep! I’ve been using SPF-45 sunscreen all week but I’m still getting a little color. No adverse side effects at this point though. Honestly, there’s not much to report right now, but I’ll give a quick breakdown:

-I’m shedding quickly. I think I’ve shed almost everything I’m going to shed at this point.
-I’m already seeing hairs growing back on some weird parts of my upper arm, like the inside of my arm.
-I think my upper arm is going to end up being my biggest issue in the long run.
-I’m seeing a few hairs on my shoulders that we either missed or they’re new hairs coming in.
-They intentionally missed a spot on my leg, because it was all cut up, and it’s looking a little odd now being the only bit of hair on my legs.
-I think I might go to NYC later this week or early next week for a touch up and to show them the hairs on my arms and figure out what to do about these.

As promised, here are the pics of my arms and legs from this week. Honestly, there’s not much to see, as I’ve shed pretty much everything. But you can see my legs, and the cut on my right leg, that they had to go around and now, as a result, is the only area with any hair on my legs. Also, if you look at the two pictures of my arms, you can see the hairs that are growing on the left upper side of my arm, just above my elbow. It’s really hard to take pics of them. But those are the hairs I mostly wanted to highlight, since I think its weird that they’re coming in at all.

Click for larger images.

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

One Week After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Hey everybody! Another week another post! It’s a little weird for me to be doing these posts on Mondays now after being so used to doing them (or trying to) every Thursday for the past 6 months. I was starting to get pretty used to it.

So it’s been a week since my fourth laser hair removal session in New York City at Romeo and Juliette Laser Hair Removal. Things have been going pretty well but there were a few things I noticed in the past week that have never happend before. First off, I noticed that my skin looked a little bruised in some areas! Could it be from the higher laser settings? It’s possible. This was mainly happening on my legs, but I noticed my arms were a little red for a bit longer than usual. I also noticed that a few of my small moles, that got lasers in the process, are a bit darker. I’ve noticed this before but then they seemed to fade back after a few days. We’ll, it’s been a week now and they’re still pretty dark brown/black. Oh well. Not really a big deal. Remember in the past when I thought my legs were losing color? Well, that cleared itself up, so I guess I just need to give everything some time.

As far as the hair is concerned, I’m still waiting to shed. I’m seeing little hairs, that look like stubble, popping up everywhere. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’m just really focusing on my upper arms right now and hoping that they shed fine, and that the hair doesn’t grow back super quickly! I really need to get these upper arm hairs taken care of and I think they’ve become my biggest concern, now that my arm and leg hair is thinning out!

This upcoming week is going to be very interesting. I’m headed to Las Vegas for a week and was planning on hanging out at the pools as I always do. However, since I just had this laser hair removal session a week ago, I’m a little concerned. I’ve always been told to stay the hell out of the sun after each session! So I’m not sure what’s going to happen…I’m planning on packing some SPF-40 or SPF-50 sunscreen and putting that on pretty heavily and frequently. I hope that does the trick. We’ll see.

I’ll post pictures of my current hair growth in the next day or so before I leave for Vegas!

My Fourth Laser Hair Removal Session

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

On Monday I had my 4th laser hair removal treatment, my second of which was done at Romeo and Juliette laser hair removal in NYC. I’m happy to report that everything went great! I finally got to meet Chris, the owner of Romeo and Juliette, and he was very active in my treatment this session, looking over my skin and figuring out the laser settings for this session.

I was lucky enough to be treated with the new GentleMax laser this session, whereas they used the GentleLase for the last session. I’d heard about the GentleMax on the internet while doing some research on Google and some laser hair removal forums, and everything said how it was a very effective top of the line laser! We’ll see how true those claims turn out to be in the next couple months.

This session I was treated with 18 joules at 3 milliseconds with an 18mm spot size on both my legs and arms. These settings were said to be aggressive for my skin type but should bear better results, especially on my upper arms where the skin is light and the new hairs and dark and coarse. I was so happy that I was finally getting these upper arm hairs taken care of!

I noticed that the higher laser settings definitely resulted in a little more pain on certain areas on my legs! It was pretty uncomfortable at times but the girl working the laser was great and was OK with stopping for a quick break whenever I needed it. I even remembered to take an aspirin before the session, but the laser still hurt at times, mostly on my upper legs where I’m more sensitive.

After the treatment on my legs and then arms, my arms were pretty puffy so we kept applying cream to make sure the swelling would go down as quickly as possible. They even gave me cream to take with me when I left to make sure i had some if needed! They were overly cautious about everything but its great that they go to those lengths to make sure your OK!

My skin was red and puffy for about another hour or so after leaving the office but then everything was fine. It looked like they did a great job this session and I noticed that the laser tech was very thorough with the treated areas, so I should have nice even results! (No one wants patchy results.) As I was driving home I realized that I’m very lucky to be getting such top notch hair removal treatments. I’m very happy with all the treatments to date, and I find that it’s worth it for me to drive 4 hours to New York City.

So there you have it – my 4th laser hair removal experience! Now I just have to sit back and let the treatment run its course over the next weeks/months. I’ll try my hardest to do the weekly updates and take good, clear photos for everyone to check out!

Laser Hair Removal Session #4 On Monday

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I setup my next laser hair removal appointment this afternoon with Romeo and Juliette in NYC. I’ll be going in on Monday for my fourth laser hair removal session and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll try to post updates on Monday or Tuesday after the session.

Laser Hair Removal Picture Updates

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

I was slacking on the photos for a while as I was having a really hard time getting good shots in my bathrooms. I’ve updated the six weeks update post and the ten weeks update post to include pictures. The photos in the six weeks post aren’t that great, because it’s still hard to see the hair, but the ten weeks post is pretty good. I got lucky with some decent lighting and the amount of hair is detailed pretty well! Enjoy!

Tens Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Well it’s been 10 weeks now and I’m still in L.A., which means I still haven’t called Romeo and Juliette in NYC for my next laser hair removal appointment. The good news is that I’m definitely going back to the east coast tomorrow so I will be calling them SOON!

This weeks I’ve noticed that my arm and leg hair is starting to get longer. The good news is that the hair is still pretty thin and light so it doesn’t look so bad. I actually think my legs look pretty good and it looks like I just naturally have a little bit of hair on my legs! One more session might be enough for my legs for my desired results! My arms on the other hand, are going to be a pain. My upper arms are still pretty gnarly and I have to keep shaving them so the hair, which is darker and thicker, doesn’t come in and look weird! I really want to get this taken care of! My lower arms are looking pretty good though.

Without further adue, here are some pictures from today! These show my arms and then my legs. I was able to snap some decent pics in my friends bathroom and you should be able to see the details of the hairs if you click the image for the larger version. Some of the photos were taken with the flash on so you could see the detail of the hair better.

Click the pictures for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Things are looking pretty good in my opinion!

Nine Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past three weeks! I’m in L.A. on what’s turned out to be an extended vacation/business trip. Since I’ve been out here I haven’t done anything regarding my laser hair removal. I’m waiting to go back east to get in touch with Romeo and Juliette for my next hair removal session….but since it’s already been 9 weeks I may have waited too long and may be past the proper hair growth phase right now. So I may have to wait another 3-5 weeks or so if I missed this session.

I’ve noticed that a lot of arm and leg hair has grown back but its not as dark or thick. It actually looks pretty good. I feel really great about the sessions I’ve had so far, but I’m really looking forward to my next session and getting the upper arm/shoulder hair taken care of.

I will try and take some photos in the next couple hours and upload them along with some back log of photos. I really want to document how my arms and legs look right now after 9 weeks of not shaving!

Oh, and thanks for all the great comments lately!

Six Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Six weeks in now and things are starting to change! If you look back at the past five weeks things have been really great and I haven’t even had to shave since my last appointment. Well, things are starting to come in a little darker and longer now. I still haven’t shaved my lower arms, but I decided to shave my upper arms since they looked a little weird. I also haven’t shaved my legs – things are still looking good down there and any hair that I have on my legs is still very short, light and fine.

So I guess I may have to shave my arms fully soon. I’m going to LA tomorrow and the real reason I shaved my upper arms was because I didn’t want to look weird without a shirt on at the beach! I’m planning on calling to setup my next appointment sometime next week and scheduling it for sometime around the 1st of July – almost eight weeks after my last session.

I’m a little surprised that my hair grew back at all after having no hair for so long! Now that it’s starting to come in again I’m definitely looking forward to the next session and getting it taken care of!

Here are the pictures! Sorry for the delay. Click the pictures for a larger image.

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

Five Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’m five weeks in since my last laser hair removal session and I still haven’t shaved! However, I’m thinking about breaking down and shaving my upper arms/shoulders in the next few days or sometime next week. I’ll be heading to LA for a week or so next Thursday and I think my upper arms/shoulders kind of make my arms look sloppy and I’m a little embarrassed about it. So I’ll probably shave it before I go to the beach.

I’m noticing that my hair is starting to come in a little bit now. I’ve had some fine hairs since shedding, but it looks like the hair is just starting to get some color to it now and it’s looking a little darker. I don’t think I’ll need to shave it in the next week or so though unless something changes very quickly.

So, once I get back from LA it should be seven weeks since my last laser hair removal session and I’ll be getting ready to go in for my next session at week number eight! I’m actually really looking forward to this next session so I can try to get this upper arm/shoulder hair taken care of and some of these small spots as well.