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Seven Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

It’s been seven weeks since my 4th laser hair removal treatment now and hairs are starting to grow back and become a little darker now, just like what happened around seven weeks after the 3rd treatment. Hairs are definitely looking further apart, meaning that the hair removal process is working and is getting rid of more hairs for good every time! Since it’s only been seven weeks though its still much to early to tell how many hairs are gone for good as some appear to come back around 10+ weeks like last time.

I probably should have gone back last week or this week for another treatment but I’m going to hold off until 12 or so weeks like I did last time so I can see the results thus far. My upper arms are looking good, except for one thin horizontal line that they missed, so I’m not too stressed about going back at this point. All the hairs on my upper arms are very short, light and thin at this point, which is awesome!

My legs really only have a few hairs at all. Everything is still very light, short and thin at this point as well. The two small areas that they skipped (a cut) or missed last time don’t look that bad. I’m really excited about how good my legs look right now! Laser hair removal is turning out to be a worthwhile investment for sure….but it’s still a little early to really be claiming that until I’m 12+ weeks in between sessions.

I just went to try to tak pictures for the site and I think my digital camera is now officially dead. Sorry guys. Guess I need to get a new digicam or borrow someone elses for this week and/or next weeks update!