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Laser Hair Removal Session #4 On Monday

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I setup my next laser hair removal appointment this afternoon with Romeo and Juliette in NYC. I’ll be going in on Monday for my fourth laser hair removal session and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll try to post updates on Monday or Tuesday after the session.

Tens Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Well it’s been 10 weeks now and I’m still in L.A., which means I still haven’t called Romeo and Juliette in NYC for my next laser hair removal appointment. The good news is that I’m definitely going back to the east coast tomorrow so I will be calling them SOON!

This weeks I’ve noticed that my arm and leg hair is starting to get longer. The good news is that the hair is still pretty thin and light so it doesn’t look so bad. I actually think my legs look pretty good and it looks like I just naturally have a little bit of hair on my legs! One more session might be enough for my legs for my desired results! My arms on the other hand, are going to be a pain. My upper arms are still pretty gnarly and I have to keep shaving them so the hair, which is darker and thicker, doesn’t come in and look weird! I really want to get this taken care of! My lower arms are looking pretty good though.

Without further adue, here are some pictures from today! These show my arms and then my legs. I was able to snap some decent pics in my friends bathroom and you should be able to see the details of the hairs if you click the image for the larger version. Some of the photos were taken with the flash on so you could see the detail of the hair better.

Click the pictures for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Laser Hair Removal Arm July 15 2008

Things are looking pretty good in my opinion!

The Names Of The Laser Hair Removal Centers I Go To

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

At first I wasn’t sure if I should release the names of the laser hair removal centers that I was going to, because I wanted to see how things went. I really didn’t want to trash talk any centers on the internet, but everything has been going well and I’ve been very satisfied with the centers that I’ve been going to, so I think now is the time to release the names of the centers!

The center I went to in South Florida for my first and second laser hair removal treatments was Dermacare South Beach. Their website is and their direct phone number is 305-673-5016.

The center I went to for my third laser hair removal treatment and the center that I’m currently going to in New York City is Romeo and Juliette Laser Hair Removal. Their website is and their direct phone number is 212-750-2000. The owners name is Chris and he’s great!

Tell them that you heard about their center from the My Laser Hair Removal Story blog! 🙂

My Third Laser Hair Removal Session

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Thursday was my first laser hair removal session in NYC and things went really well. At first, there seemed to be a little confusion, but this was my fault! This was due to the fact that I had basically done a phone consultation with the owner two days before I actually made my appointment for this session. I should have just scheduled the consultation after speaking with the owner so we were all on the same page.

This time they used the GentleLASE Alexandrite laser at 14 joules, 3 milliseconds and either a 15 or 18mm spot size. I’m not sure exactly which spot size was used but I’m guessing it was the 18mm since it looked pretty big. I was a little surprised that they only used 14 joules, but because of the low 3 milliseconds setting along with the larger spot size, it still should have been pretty effective. 3 milliseconds is a lot different than the supposed 25 milliseconds setting at the previous center in Florida…Next time in NYC I will make a push to use a much higher joules setting.

Aside from a different laser, I also noticed that this center didn’t use any clear cooling gel on my skin during the session. They penciled my skin into much smaller areas that were easy to keep track of so they knew what areas were treated. I noticed that my legs hurt more this time, which could be because I forgot to take a couple Tylenol before the session, the different laser or the lack of the clear cooling gel. Because the techs didn’t have to screw around with the clear cooling gel, the session was also much shorter than in Florida. The total time with the laser was probably about an hour where in Florida it was much closer to 2 hours every time.

Also, I noticed that my skin didn’t swell up like it did last time. Last time it swelled up so much that I started to get worried, but this time it didn’t look so bad.

Overall, I definitely recommend this new center! I’ll be posting the names of the centers that I’ve been going to in the next few days, so stay tuned for that! The only issue is that I think both these centers seem to go easy on you the first session, so they see how you react, so if you know how you react, you have to be firm about wanting stronger settings.

Because I was far from home I didn’t get to take photos of my skin until about 8 hours later. Also, I don’t think the pics came out that good, but here they are anyways, in traditional fashion detailing the redness of my skin after. Click the picture for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal Session #3 Legs

Laser Hair Removal Session #3 Arms

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I Think I Found My New Laser Hair Removal Center In NYC

Monday, April 28th, 2008

So I’ve been looking around and doing some research on laser hair removal centers around CT, Boston and New York City and I think I just found a new center that I really want to try in NYC! I was pretty set on going back to Florida and actually tried to call my center a few times, but I think I called just a little to late each day, so I haven’t booked any more treatments with them. I was planning on getting same day round-trip plane tickets and figuring that into my budget and everything so I could make the Florida thing work, but if this place in NYC is as good as everyone says it is, then I think its definitely worth a shot! They’ve won best laser hair removal center in NYC on CitySearch a few times, and the guy who owns it is pretty big in the laser hair removal industry, so I decided to give them a call and talk to someone. Turns out I was put through to the owner! I explained my situation and heard what he had to offer and things went really well. They definitely don’t try and pressure you to go with them. Also, I was quoted a very similar price to what I’ve been paying, and what I was expecting to pay for going back to FL, minus the flight expenses, so this NYC center is sounding very attractive! Also, I made sure they have the Cynosure Elite model I’ve been using, which they do!

It’s SO much easier for me to just drive to NYC and then drive home than it is for me to drive to the airport (2 hours away) then fly down to FL, get a rental car and drive to the center, then reverse the whole process!

Oh, and the owner explained how the sessions price includes touch ups which are done between sessions to make sure everything is looking good! I’m not sure I would do these sessions, because NYC is still a little bit of a journey for me to make every couple weeks, but its an attractive offer.

So if you can’t already figure out the name of the NYC laser hair removal center that I’m talking about then you’ll have to wait. Sorry! I haven’t actually committed to anything with them yet, but I’m pretty close. Especially because I need to go for my next session in about 1-2 weeks. I’m just trying to decide if I want to commit to a package of 3 or 4 sessions or just go with one session for now and see how things go in NYC. If things go well, I’ll definitely let everyone know which NYC laser hair removal center I’m going to! 🙂

I’ll update once I figure out what I’m going to do in the next couple days.