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My Fifth Laser Hair Removal Session: Upper Arms

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

I had my fifth laser hair removal treatment in New York City last week and this time I ONLY got my upper arms done. As I wrote in the last blog post, I’ve decided to wait and see how things are looking now, after more than just 12 weeks between treatments and see how my arms and legs turn out. I decided to just have my upper arms done because I’m seeing more new hair growth on my upper arms and I need to stop this and get rid of these hairs for good. So I may go in for a sixth session in 6, 8, or 10 weeks, after I’ve had some time to let the hair grow back and see how dark, thick, and long it turns out to be.

The big news about this treatment is that it may be my last laser hair removal treatment in New York City for some time now. I’m headed back to Florida for the winter so I may end up going back to Dermacare South Beach for my treatments. Although, I’m a little hesitant now after going to Romeo and Julliette and getting great service and having laser techs who know their laser settings. I’m still a little confused as to why Dermacare used such a high millisecond setting during my treatment. I’m extremely happy with Romeo and Juliette after going there three times now.

So how did my fifth laser hair removal session go? It was quick. Just having your upper arms done only takes about 15 minutes. I was in an out of their office in probably 25 minutes. It only ended up costing me $150 too – $900 cheaper than having full legs and full arms done! The laser tech did a great job and we ended up using 18 joules, at 3 milliseconds with a 15mm spot size.

I had a few other things to do in NYC this trip so I didn’t get to go home and take pictures after this session. I still haven’t taken pictures but I will be sure to do so tomorrow and post them along with some more photos of my lower arms and legs, as I’m interested in documenting everything, every week now, to see if things get much hairer or not!

Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

So, it’s been two weeks now since laser hair removal treatment #4 and I’m in Las Vegas where it’s hot enough to breed sheep! I’ve been using SPF-45 sunscreen all week but I’m still getting a little color. No adverse side effects at this point though. Honestly, there’s not much to report right now, but I’ll give a quick breakdown:

-I’m shedding quickly. I think I’ve shed almost everything I’m going to shed at this point.
-I’m already seeing hairs growing back on some weird parts of my upper arm, like the inside of my arm.
-I think my upper arm is going to end up being my biggest issue in the long run.
-I’m seeing a few hairs on my shoulders that we either missed or they’re new hairs coming in.
-They intentionally missed a spot on my leg, because it was all cut up, and it’s looking a little odd now being the only bit of hair on my legs.
-I think I might go to NYC later this week or early next week for a touch up and to show them the hairs on my arms and figure out what to do about these.

As promised, here are the pics of my arms and legs from this week. Honestly, there’s not much to see, as I’ve shed pretty much everything. But you can see my legs, and the cut on my right leg, that they had to go around and now, as a result, is the only area with any hair on my legs. Also, if you look at the two pictures of my arms, you can see the hairs that are growing on the left upper side of my arm, just above my elbow. It’s really hard to take pics of them. But those are the hairs I mostly wanted to highlight, since I think its weird that they’re coming in at all.

Click for larger images.

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Nine Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past three weeks! I’m in L.A. on what’s turned out to be an extended vacation/business trip. Since I’ve been out here I haven’t done anything regarding my laser hair removal. I’m waiting to go back east to get in touch with Romeo and Juliette for my next hair removal session….but since it’s already been 9 weeks I may have waited too long and may be past the proper hair growth phase right now. So I may have to wait another 3-5 weeks or so if I missed this session.

I’ve noticed that a lot of arm and leg hair has grown back but its not as dark or thick. It actually looks pretty good. I feel really great about the sessions I’ve had so far, but I’m really looking forward to my next session and getting the upper arm/shoulder hair taken care of.

I will try and take some photos in the next couple hours and upload them along with some back log of photos. I really want to document how my arms and legs look right now after 9 weeks of not shaving!

Oh, and thanks for all the great comments lately!

Six Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Six weeks in now and things are starting to change! If you look back at the past five weeks things have been really great and I haven’t even had to shave since my last appointment. Well, things are starting to come in a little darker and longer now. I still haven’t shaved my lower arms, but I decided to shave my upper arms since they looked a little weird. I also haven’t shaved my legs – things are still looking good down there and any hair that I have on my legs is still very short, light and fine.

So I guess I may have to shave my arms fully soon. I’m going to LA tomorrow and the real reason I shaved my upper arms was because I didn’t want to look weird without a shirt on at the beach! I’m planning on calling to setup my next appointment sometime next week and scheduling it for sometime around the 1st of July – almost eight weeks after my last session.

I’m a little surprised that my hair grew back at all after having no hair for so long! Now that it’s starting to come in again I’m definitely looking forward to the next session and getting it taken care of!

Here are the pictures! Sorry for the delay. Click the pictures for a larger image.

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

My Laser Hair Removal Story Pictures

Four Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

It’s been four weeks now and there’s been very little change. That’s a good thing though! I haven’t felt the need to shave my arms or legs, so it’s now been four weeks since I last shaved. It’s such a great feeling! I see short, fine hairs coming in in certain areas, but the hairs are so fine and light that it’s not a problem at all, doesn’t look weird at all, doesn’t itch and I don’t have any desire to shave these areas. I’m seeing some small patches of hair that definitely need to be touched up and thats pretty much it aside from the hairs on my upper arms/shoulders that are starting to come in. Those will definitely need to be taken care of. I’ll be calling Romeo and Juliette in the next few days to schedule my next session. I have a lot of traveling coming up this summer, so I’m hoping I can work these dates in around all that! I want to make sure I go in for my sessions during the right phase of the hair growth process.

It’s crazy that I’ve only done three sessions and have seen such an ENORMOUS improvement. Looking back at how this whole process started and being where I am now is so awesome and it makes me feel so good about the decision to have this done!

I’m trying to take pictures of the small patches of hair that need to be taken care of so cross your fingers that the photos will actually come out good.

Pictures coming soon….

Three Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

It’s been three weeks since my last laser hair removal session in NYC and things are looking good! Honestly, things haven’t really changed since my post last week. Which is amazing! My arms are still pretty much hairless, except for the areas up towards my shoulders that sprouted a lot of new hairs last week. I noticed a few small patches on my arms but nothing big at all! My legs have a few patches and things are getting a little itchy at times, but it’s not like it was last month at all! It’s been a full three weeks since I’ve shaved and it’s been great. I think my last session really helped a lot!

Things are definitely looking good. We’ll see how it goes in the next week!

Pictures coming soon….

Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #3

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Sorry for the lack of an update last week. I’ve been trying to take pictures every week but I’ve been having a hard time with my digital camera and lighting. The one’s from last week sucked so it wasn’t even worth posting them. My photos don’t want to turn out as sharp and focused as they did when I was in Florida. I guess I had much better lighting in the bathrooms.

Anyways, I sent out some press releases about the site last week, trying to get more visitors this way. The more people I can reach through this blog, the better! I really hope some people are finding this site useful or will in the future!

So it’s been two weeks now since my third laser hair removal session in New York City. Actually it’s been 15 days but close enough. Since the third session I’ve decided that I want to see how long I can go without shaving to see how everything is going! So it’s been 15 days and I haven’t shaved any of the treated areas. That’s almost a record. After the first session I went about 16 without shaving and then it got to the point that things were looking sloppy and things were getting very prickly. So far that hasn’t been the case though! Things are starting to look good and I’ve been shedding and I haven’t noticed much hair regrowth at this point! I know it’s only been about two weeks, but it’s looking like the hairs that are coming back may finally be starting to get thinner, shorter and lighter. However, this may only be the case in SOME areas….

What do I mean by that? Well, I’m really not sure what the heck is going on with my body right now, but all of a sudden I have tons of hairs on my shoulders! Also, hairs are coming in on my upper arms where there weren’t any hairs before. The first time I noticed the hairs on my shoulder I freaked out! Now I have one more area that I definitely need to get taken care of. But here’s the thing. I’m not sure if these hairs just randomly showed up after my third laser hair removal session by chance or if the lasers somehow “stimulated” these areas and actually caused the hair growth. I briefly read something about this on a laser hair removal forum but didn’t pay much attention at the time because it didn’t apply to me. So I think it’s time to hit the laser hair removal forums and also consult with Chris at Romeo and Juliette in NYC and see why this happened. I’m definitely going to start having my shoulders treated now because it looks very awkward having hair as shoulder pads now! 😉

In all fairness, I’ve been getting the random hairs around my shoulders and around my upper back for some time now, so these patches of hairs were probably destined to happen sooner or later. But it’s time to get them taken care of now, along with the random neck hairs I’ve been getting creeping up above the neck of my t-shirts!

So with all this being said I think things are starting to progress as I always hoped they would. Being able to say that really excites me and makes me feel really good about this whole process and all the money that I’ve put into it! With that being said, I’ll leave you with some pictures I just took, 15 days after my third laser hair removal treatment in New York City!

Photos coming soon….hopefully…

Four Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #2

Monday, April 21st, 2008

For any die hard followers of the site, sorry I haven’t posted in the past two weeks! Lots has been going on in my life and I’ve been busy and unplugged from the internet for a good portion of the time. As I write this, I’m now back up north and no longer living in South Florida. So that means one important thing….I have to find a new skin care clinic! Well, that is, if I don’t want to fly to Miami every 6 weeks….but I’m thinking that I do. I’ve had good luck at this place so far and really like their staff and their work, so I’m planning on calling them tomorrow and speaking with the lady who I arranged all the pricing with at my first consultation and seeing what they can do for me.

Since my last update I’ve been noticing a further loss of color in some areas of my legs! The white areas are getting more and more noticeable. Also, I’m starting to SLIGHTLY notice this in my arms as well. The good news is that I asked about this on a laser hair removal forum and found out this is called “hypopigmentation.” Here is the brief Wikipedia entry. Basically, hypopigmentation is the opposite of hyperpigmentation and is where you lose color in you skin due to a loss of melanocyte. So I need to call up my local dermatologist or go see my local doctor and try to get something to help this. I hear they give you a cream and it goes away in a few months, so that is good news, because I was starting to worry about the adverse side effects of laser hair removal. I stress out about this stuff a lot!

I’ve definitely been getting annoyed with the frequency of my leg shaving situation as well. It seems like every four days or so I need to shave my legs or they start to itch and feel prickly. This is also stressing me out and making me wish I could move through the laser hair removal process quicker. It also makes me think the treatments aren’t working, but its only been two sessions so far, so it’s not like I should be expecting zero hair growth at this point! I need to avoid these negative thoughts and stay motivated about laser hair removal. I definitely don’t ever want the same leg or arm hair again!

Also, I wanted to mention that I’m seriously thinking of having laser hair removal done on my lower neck area. By lower neck area I mean the area just above the neck of a t-shirt. I have chest hairs creeping up this area and they’re really starting to bother me. Why can’t my chest hair just stay on my chest and leave my neck alone? 😉 So I will probably be having this done the next time I go in for a laser hair removal session. I’m a little worried about this area hurting, as it seems like it may be more sensitive. I’ll keep everyone updated on the situation.

Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #2

Friday, April 4th, 2008

So it’s already been two weeks! Time flys! That means I only have 4 more weeks to figure out WTF I’m going to do for my next session. Right now I have two options: fly back down to Florida for another session or try to find some place good near New York/Boston/Connecticut. So far I’m leaning more towards flying down to Florida, even if it would be more expensive and more of a hassle. Why? Because I like the place I’ve been going and I feel very comfortable there now. I’m wondering how much I could get them down to for my next session. I paid $1000 for each session so far, but I’m wonder if I book 3 or 4 more sessions with them if I could get them down to around $750-800 a session. That would make up for the price of my flights down to Florida anyways.

Something I’ve noticed in the past few weeks, but haven’t blogged about yet, is the fact that my right leg has some areas that are whiter than others now. Also, I noticed a few small areas on my left leg now that has the same thing happening. It’s causing a little bit of concern. The problem is that I don’t remember if the white areas were there before I started my first session or not. I remember it there after the first session, but I had so much hair on my legs for so many years that theres no way I would have noticed this and I only had my legs shaved for about 16 hours before my first laser hair removal session. I read something yesterday about pigments of skin becoming DARKER around some areas as a result of laser hair removal, but I didn’t see anything about the skin becoming LIGHTER.

If anyone has any idea about what I’m talking about here please leave me a comment and help me out!

One Week After My Second Laser Hair Removal Session

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

So I don’t really have much to write about since my last post. Everything has been good since my second laser hair session last week. I’ve been staying out of the sun and I haven’t had to many issues with “prickliness” like last time. I ended up shaving today, one week after my session, because the stubble was starting to be pretty annoying, but I didn’t have any really bad issues with my upper thighs like I did last time. I guess I did a much better job shaving this time. Even though the hair is shedding I definitely needed to trim it.

I took photos this week, but they came out pretty bad, not much to see, so I don’t think I’ll bother to resize and post them unless someone really wants to see. They results look a lot like the photos from the first week after my first session.

So, now that I only have 5 weeks to find another laser clinic to go to, that is what I’m going to be focusing on and probably blogging about. Does anyone know of any clinics around the US that definitely use the Cynosure Elite laser? I’m looking for something around the Northeast, but if it’s closer to New York than Florida is, it’s a place I would consider. If you know of a place, or you run a place that uses this Cynosure laser, please drop me a comment!

(Sorry for being late on this post. I realize that it’s almost been two weeks at this point!)

My Second Laser Hair Removal Session

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Wow, my skin reacted crazy to the laser today! This was most likely due to the fact that the strength of the laser was increased, so I was ready for a different reaction…or so I thought! All is well right now, about 9 hours after the session, but immediately after the laser tech would finish up an area, it would get VERY swollen and red! My arms and legs both blew up with these large bumps! I sort of started to panic to myself, but the laser tech said that she has a worse reaction typically, but things calm down quickly. She was right, because by the time I got home to take pics for the site the majority of the swelling and redness was gone. Next time, I’ll be ready for this reaction and won’t be so freaked out! Hopefully this information will help some readers be prepared for a reaction like this and ease any worries!

So aside from the reaction, how did everything go?! It went very well. I have to say though, I was a little shocked when I showed up and was introduced to my laser tech for the day. I was expecting to just get the same person as last time, who I was very comfortable with at this point, but instead I was introduced to a very attractive young (but still older than me) lady who would be my laser tech for the day! I probably started to blush because I was a little embarrassed, but whatever, I wasn’t going to back out or anything! She did a good job, but I didn’t feel as laid back as I did last time after just a couple minutes. I think next time I might request my old tech if possible. I think he was a little more thorough in his work, as he seemed to go slower and didn’t end up going back to any areas that he thought he may have missed. But either way, both experiences so far have been very positive! I really like this clinic.

Also, I was able to confirm that they are using the Cynosure Elite laser hair removal system today. The tech simply called it the Cynosure “755” and the “top of the line Cynosure model” but a quick Google search shows you that this is what Cynosure calls the Elite model. So for anyone wondering, there you have it, I’m using the Cynosure Elite system.

The laser tech praised the Cynosure system more than once! She said that she has worked with a lot of different equipment but this model really gives the best results that shes ever seen. She said that it typically hurts a little more than other lasers but it ends up giving much better results. I’m hoping to prove her right!

Here are some random notes that I made that I thought a lot of readers might find useful. I’m just going to throw them out there.

-Today I noticed that the increased settings definitely did cause me a little more discomfort. I even took some aspirin before the appointment. But no pain, no gain as they say!

-I would definitely recommend wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt to your laser hair removal appointments. You never know how your going to react and what your skin is going to look like when you leave!

-Drink lots of water before and after. The heat from the lasers can give you mild heat flashes or whatever they’re called. So stay hydrated.

-If your using the Cynosure laser, like I am, you’ll definitely want to always use sun screen afterwards and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible! The lady kept reinforcing this to me just like my last laser tech did. She said to really try to stay out of it for the next two weeks to avoid any “crusting” of the skin.

If your interested in reading about my first laser hair removal session, the post can be found here.

Below are the pictures from about 20 minutes after I left the skin care clinic today. Click the picture for a larger image.

Laser Hair Removal After Pics

Laser Hair Removal After Pics