Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4

So, it’s been two weeks now since laser hair removal treatment #4 and I’m in Las Vegas where it’s hot enough to breed sheep! I’ve been using SPF-45 sunscreen all week but I’m still getting a little color. No adverse side effects at this point though. Honestly, there’s not much to report right now, but I’ll give a quick breakdown:

-I’m shedding quickly. I think I’ve shed almost everything I’m going to shed at this point.
-I’m already seeing hairs growing back on some weird parts of my upper arm, like the inside of my arm.
-I think my upper arm is going to end up being my biggest issue in the long run.
-I’m seeing a few hairs on my shoulders that we either missed or they’re new hairs coming in.
-They intentionally missed a spot on my leg, because it was all cut up, and it’s looking a little odd now being the only bit of hair on my legs.
-I think I might go to NYC later this week or early next week for a touch up and to show them the hairs on my arms and figure out what to do about these.

As promised, here are the pics of my arms and legs from this week. Honestly, there’s not much to see, as I’ve shed pretty much everything. But you can see my legs, and the cut on my right leg, that they had to go around and now, as a result, is the only area with any hair on my legs. Also, if you look at the two pictures of my arms, you can see the hairs that are growing on the left upper side of my arm, just above my elbow. It’s really hard to take pics of them. But those are the hairs I mostly wanted to highlight, since I think its weird that they’re coming in at all.

Click for larger images.

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

Laser Hair Removal Arms

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3 Responses to “Two Weeks After Laser Hair Removal Session #4”

  1. m says:

    the reason u might be gettin hair on upper arms is when u started the process they must be light hair not dark like your lower arms so sometimes laser dont work on it however since u shave before every treatment it eventually comes dark so u might need 1 or 2 treatments extra on your upper arms to even it out this is jus my observation .
    i also noticed there is some hairs on your leg toes r u doin laser on that area or not .
    and u can post your blog link on sites like and
    also u can chk this guys blog he is pics for all his treatment and pic after 4 yrs of laser it looks really good chk out at

    also i am goin to start my own blog once i start my laser hair removal nxt month so i will post your link on my blog . will let u know once i start.

    and thx for your post and pics it helps a lot .


  2. missy says:

    soo i was wondering whether you could see the pores after laser.

    I shaved my arms not too long ago and i shaved even where there was NO hair and thus i have a billion pores on my arms. If i do laser.. will the pores stay???? can you see them? I am talking about going really close to your skin and seeing.. can you it….

    OOHhhhhh i regret shaving them soooooo much. I was hairy and i did it cause my friends use to. And now am i soo hairy. I hate myself!

  3. Kotik says:

    Nice work!

    Now you look like chicken.

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